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We collaborate directly with brands, larger agencies, companies & institutions alike to create disruptive work that's palatable to the 16-25 market.


It's super important to allow your target audience tell their own stories. As CHL is entirely run by the youth, we help bridge the gap between young people & their opinions, and brands seeking to get access to this.


We have pretty cool student ambassadors plastered nationwide. If you're a university seeking to gain more representation of creative careers on campus or a creative/media company looking to hire more students, we've got you.

P.S - Not to brag, but we won an award for this.


Events are a pretty great, oddly underrated way to connect to your consumers. Whether you're launching a new product, or would like to put on a brand-related panel event that'll get your audience talking, event curation is our forte.

P.S - We will not curate an influencer-only event. Not our thing. Sorry.

West Africa is our second home. The eagle eyed brands have noticed the potential that lies in the rising African market and so have we. Being a continent with an ever growing, evolving and promising population, we predict Africa will host the largest creative, digital and technological markets in the coming decade.

To discuss how we could help how your brand familiarise itself with this untapped market, do get in touch.

West African Market.

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